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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Taking Your Business to the Gym: Getting Your Business Vision

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The importance of your Business Vision

In order to build a business that will growth rapidly and sustainably you must first get "that Vision thing."  George Bush Snr most notably suffered from his lack of what he called the vision thing,’ a clarity of ideas and principles that could explain his philosophy. Without a solid and well thought out vision your chances of it acting as the beacon of your company’s aspirations and intentions will be short lived.
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Understanding and developing your Business Vision

For most people realising what their vision is and then putting it into words is a daunting task. I don’t think it helps when you hear examples of the visions for well known companies like Disney which is “to make people happy”. Many people I speak to are put off by the prospect of matching such examples. Don’t be put off, we can’t all be Disney.

Your vision is about your values. You could see your vision as how the future will change as a consequence of your actions. It is vital that you understand that your vision must have permanence and should not change over time.  A good way of developing your vision is to describe it in a few words for example you might descri
be it with words like, ethical, profitable, fun, focused, detailed, customer centric, national, regional, global, local, quality, price-conscious and so on.

Resisting pressure to change

Inevitably at some point either you or more likely your employees or customers with put pressure on you to change your vision as it won’t suit them. This is the first test of its strength and your commitment. Your vision was set out because it reflects your personal aspirations about what your company should be. If you compromise then either you don’t really have a vision and your company is just a surrogate for a paid job, or more likely you lack confidence in your own view. Don’t weaken, by following your vision it will help you quickly decide which business opportunities are right for you and which not.

What a strong Vision gives you

Your vision determines your employees approach to business and it gives them a structure around which to work, it is the unifying force that turns individuals into a team. It also ensures that any new employee understands what is expected from him. It provides the underpinning of your company culture. It tells you customers what to expect from you. Your vision gives you above all consistency. Consistency is the mark of any successful business as both your staff and customers will know what to expect and know that they will receive it.

Inconsistency is the scourge of too many businesses and is often an indication of an absence of a vision or weak management unable to implant their vision on their employees.

Getting “the vision thing” right is absolutely fundamental to the development of a successful business, so take time to put your in place. 

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