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Thursday, 10 December 2009

What social networking sites other than Twitter do you use the most?

Given the rapidly changing landscape with social networks I set up a polls to ask the Twitter community a simple question. What social networking sites other than Twitter do they use the most?

The results largely predictable do show a couple of interesting trends. It is no surprise that Facebook is the favourite alternative to Twitter, but what I wasn't expecting was how close Linked In came in as a second, a mere 6 percentage points behind. Given the relative size of the respective networks I was expecting Facebook to be way out in front.

The other surprise was the performance of Ecademy, it can in a creditable third; given that it has a tiny membership compared with the other two. Having said that I do need to accept that the results must be skewed by the composition of my network on Twitter, which is primarily business as opposed to social contacts. Despite this Ecademy's position is still quite a surprise. The other alternatives make up the remaining 10%, a relatively small percentage. Suggesting that there is more stability in the social networking world than we may first have thought.

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  1. LinkedIn's slice: not surprising to me. I have always regarded it as the professional person's Facebook. Recently heard that LinkedIn has 55 million people registered .... ! I don't have FB account any longer since it was hacked into by a 'green meanie' last year!

    I find LinkedIn and Twitter an ideal combination for a sound basis of social networking.

    Interesting development in the future, when the Gvt changes, could be their new Social Networking Hub: http://www.conservatives.com/News/News_stories/2009/12/Harnessing_the_wisdom_of_crowds_in_policy_making.aspx

    Regards LadyBizBiz